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That awkward moment.

2016-12-19 18:48:39 by RaffScrapz

When your at Theotre or Music performance and it's the end of it and everyone has to stand up to clap louder. Now, you look around and see everyone standing up expect from you and your just like, oh okay, am I supposed to stand up? Oh, ooh okay haha, er okay I'll stand up. So you like stand up and now your standing you dont know if your supposed to clap or closs your arms like a wierdo. But if you cross your arms you look a complete idiot, so you start clapping in that 'oh alright i'll clap' way. 

Thank you.

Here to make friends!

2016-12-18 23:04:35 by RaffScrapz

Hey hey! I'm Raff,

I'm looking to make as many friends and partners as possible. Hopefully working on projects together. :)

Hope you are all having a lovely day!